Mari El Republic - Culture

The academic culture of Man El absorbed rich folklore heritage. Nowadays the State ensemble of dance Mari El, the State choir named after A. Iskanderov, the orchestra of national instruments Mari Kundem is known in many corners of Russia and abroad.

Founders ot modern Man art were writer Sergey Chavayn (Grigoriev) (1888-1937) and composer Ivan Klyuchmkov-PaLantay (1886-1926). Folk motives of Man people penetrate all their works.

The name of Sergey Chavayn refers to best and brightest pages of the history of Man literature. He is the forefather, the classical writer, that raised high the meaning of belles-lettres in compatriots' eyes. His works are among the golden fund of Mari belles-lettres.

Names of next generation of classics of Mari culture became widely known far beyond the borders of Marian republic. It's the Marian land, which gave Russia the works of composer Andrey Eshpay and poet Nikolay Zabolocky (1903-1958).

The theatrical art of Man El republic is on the high level. At this moment there are several functioning theatres: Mari national dramatic theatre named after M. Shetan, Academic Russian dramatic theatre named after G. Konstantinov, Mari State Theatre of opera and ballet named after E. Sapaev, Republican Puppet-Show, Mari Theatre of Young Audience, Dramatic Theatre of Mount Mari.

The Man EL republic becomes a world level cultural center. Every two years the International festival of theatres of Finno-Ugric peoples is held in capital. The International festival of Russian theatres of national republics of Russia and neighbor countries became traditional. And in recent years world stars became frequent visitors of the another large-scale International festival of opera and ballet art named "Zimnie Vechera" (Winter Evenings).

The republic pays a lot of attention to the preparing of worthy successors of existing masters of art. In Man El there are 8 handicraft houses, studios, workshops, 48 children musical schools, children arts schools. The faculty of acting technique of the Republican college of culture and art named I. Palantay became a real forge of skillful specialists not only for Republican scenes, but for the whole Russia as well. The first graduation of "Choreographic art" section took place in 2005.